So I took like, 20 photos of myself pulling non-flattering faces. Here they are with comentary:

I pull this face in like.. every picture anyone has ever taken of me.

Triangular bald spots are cool.

I don’t even know what my face is doing here.
I look pleased.
My penis is obviously doing something amusing.


You look like Ace Ventura stop

And a pedophile

stop it

I’m chewing my way out of this photo.

Never again

This is my simian face.
Don’t I look like a monkey?
Or like Tim in Jumanji

2 years ago • May/23/2012 • 7 notes

  1. glitter-vixen said: <333 Your hair looks superb. Love the sideburns too~!
  2. f0xycleopatra said: Oh god I have one of the face warping apps on my phone there’s literally one hundred photos with it. ps your hair is rad. 8)
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