I think the highest I’ve ever jumped due to a video game was in Silent Hill 2. Whilst in the prison bathroom (female, I think?), you come upon a locked stall that gives you the option of knocking. My first play through, I knocked once and walked away. Somehow wound back there and tried again. Only this time I spent a good minute knocking on the stall door expecting something to happen.

Nothing did.

A tad upset, I turned to walk away. When I’d got halfway back across the bathroom, there came this bang (as if something had thrown itself at the door), and a bloodcurdling shriek.

I actually tossed my remote at the telly. What an amazing little addition to the game. No purpose other than to scare the daylights out of you.

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    Yup Yup, shit scary.
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    omfg Same thing with that puzzle(?) in the Prison’s yard that you needed to insert three templates into in order to...
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    I thought that was the intention for all of the Silent Hill video games.-shot-
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    HA! That’s great. :D
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